Embracing Sustainability: Green Innovations in the Workplace

Enhancing Productivity and Well-being Through Eco-Friendly Spaces The concept of Going Green is not new for business owners. It encompasses practices aimed at making spaces more sustainable for the earth and its inhabitants. The goal is to live harmoniously with Mother Nature, causing minimal to zero harm. With an increasing societal consciousness about climate change and environmental destruction, many companies are now…   Read more

Coworking Community Building: A Blueprint for Professional Collaboration and Networking in 2024

Unveiling Innovative Strategies for Nurturing Dynamic Workplace Communities There is a reason that coworking spaces continue to focus more and more on the community element. Community is in many ways, vital to the success of a workplace space. There are many ways in which this has been shown, where individuals contributing to a work task not only thrive within the company as…   Read more

Balancing Work and Wellness

Integrating Wellness into the Modern Workspace Many people spend most of their day at work, meaning that the workplace significantly impacts their physical and mental health. If the environment is unhealthy, it can cause stress, anxiety, depression, and physical symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, and digestive issues. This is often due to poor management, outdated policies, and damaging work culture. According to…   Read more

Bridging Minds: Navigating Mental Health in a Digitally Evolved Workplace

The Interplay of Mental Health, Public Speaking Fears, and New Work Dynamics in the Post-Pandemic Era In March of 2020, the entire world was put on pause. Something unprecedented happened, and we were all forced to move into our homes 24/7 due to a worldwide health emergency. It was a source of great anxiety due to job uncertainty, anticipatory grief, and increased…   Read more

Hybrid Horizons – Exploring Fluid Work Dynamics

Merging the Conventional Office Sphere with Remote Work The presence of COVID has in one way or another changed everyone’s lives. The concept of the traditional work environment was flipped on its head, exchanged for a delicate balance between what became colloquially known as the hybrid work model. This means that there aren’t many big enterprises that apply a single model anymore….   Read more

The Future of Work: Navigating the Post-Pandemic World

How COVID-19 Catalyzed a Shift Towards Flexible Work Environments and What It Means for Productivity, Culture, and Connection in 2023 and Beyond Everyone will remember the day differently: time stood still as stores closed early, businesses shut down, and everyone was sent home. Something that even the World Health Organization understood was coming. And it would change every aspect of our lives…   Read more

Work From Home Tax Credit: Everything You Need To Know To Save

How’s that saying go again? Nothing Is certain except for death and taxes? Well as it seems Canadians are no exception to this rule, which is probably why you are here reading this. While the COVID Pandemic brought a lot of negatives there were some positives, one of the notable ones being the shift to a work from home culture that hundreds…   Read more

6 Tips For Presenting That Will Help You Crush Your Next Meeting

Presenting comes with the territory of business. It’s something we’ve been forced into since our early school days and as we graduate into the professional world we see that it isn’t one of those things that just “goes away”. So whether you excel while presenting or dread it, we have a few tips that can make that big showing you have coming…   Read more

10 Best Productivity Tips to Improve Your Life and Your Work

Let’s not procrastinate this, shall we? You want to be more productive, we’re here to show you how. We’ve got ten productivity tips for you to start using right away. Ready? Go. Tip 1: Do it. Now. Did you think that intro was short due to lack of space? No, we’re making a point.  Maybe you’ve got a lot of stuff on…   Read more