Coworking Solutions – Sourcing Office Space for Toronto’s Tech Sector

In an age marked by rapid change, technology continues to dramatically dominant the way life is lived, work gets done and leisure unfolds. Demand Exceeds Supply Beyond its pervasive impact on life in general, Toronto’s flourishing tech sector is squeezing the existing supply of the city’s office space…with no immediate reprieve in sight. As well, changing expectations find workers increasingly invested in…   Read more

The Synergy of Coworking and Commercial Real Estate Agents

The Changing Face of an Industry These are significant days for the coworking segment of the commercial real estate industry. As the very nature of work has been redefined so has the actual physical workplace. Predictably, these combined changes have far-reaching implications for commercial real estate agents that go well beyond commission. At its most basic, the impressive growth and rapid expansion…   Read more

Coworking – Trading Myths for Facts

The number of professionals choosing the many benefits of coworking over using a traditional office continues to grow across multiple disciplines and industries. GCUC’s, the world’s largest Coworking conference series,  2018-global-coworking-forecast projects there will be approximately 30,500 spaces and over 5 million members by 2022. With workers demanding greater workplace agility, coworking really is an ideal solution for corporations, entrepreneurs and remote/non-traditional employees…   Read more

Coworking for Remote and Non-Traditional Employees

One of the clearest signs that the nature of work is evolving is the explosion of freelancers, independent contractors, contingent workers and virtual/remote employees.  Coworking offers companies that rely on these non-traditional workers flexible, cost-effective options for managing this seismic shift. A recent report produced by the human resources consulting firm Randstad reveals non-traditional workers currently make up between 20 and 30 per…   Read more

Top 10 Reasons to Bring Your Business to Toronto

Choosing where to locate a business is one of the most important decisions to be made when planning a new venture. Since location can directly impact so many key aspects of how a company operates, it’s just solid planning to choose wisely. Here’s ten top reasons why Toronto is the right choice: #10 Globally Competitive According to Forbes, Canada offers a top-five…   Read more

Alternative Workplace Solutions for Lawyers

We’ve all watched TV legal dramas such as Suits, The Good Wife and Boston Legal just to name a few. Most of these shows feature sharply-dressed lawyers collaborating against the backdrop of an upscale, prestigious office.  While still the norm, many progressive entrepreneurial legal firms are embracing modern technology and leaving behind this traditional way of practising. Streamlined Productivity Unlike as shown…   Read more

Shared office space – It’s not only for millennials!

According to the most recent census, the baby boomer generation represents close to 3 in 10 of all Canadians. That’s 9.6 million people either at retirement age or nearing it. But, this generation aren’t all giving up work or settling into babysitting the grandchildren – many are choosing to stay in the workforce or even start up new businesses. In their bid…   Read more