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Office Amenities that Work

Not your Parents’ Office Amenities Office amenities used to be viewed almost exclusively within the context of providing for the health and safety of a company’s employees. Identifying, supplying and maintaining workplace amenities was primarily a function of being compliant with the applicable codes. But amenities have evolved. They now include a spectrum of tools integral to elevating company culture and driving…   Read more

Coworking vs. Traditional Office Space

  Coworking vs. traditional office space. Which one is right for you? In today’s office rental market, people have more choices than ever when it comes to finding a home for their business. Along with more choices, there’s an increased awareness among businesses of all sizes of alternative ways to occupy office space. Even large companies like Amazon and Google are diverting…   Read more

Is Coworking Dead?

Part 1 – Top Three Questions about Coworking Curious about coworking? Interested in learning more about its history or what it is, exactly? Chances are, you’ll turn to Google for the answers to your coworking-related questions (or, you could simply read our helpful blog posts ;)). Turns out, “Is coworking dead?” is the most-asked question on the Internet today about coworking. With…   Read more

Make Your Meetings Matter: 10 Tips For More Engaging Meetings

“The world is run by those willing to sit until the end of meetings.” – Hugh Park Some days, it seems like meetings are universally hated. They’re too long, they’re too boring, or they’re too pointless. But the truth is meetings matter. Meetings get everyone on the same page, sharing ideas, and push productivity forward. If you really want to make them…   Read more

Are Headphones Bad for Shared Office Spaces | Toronto Coworking Tips

Headphones have become part of the unofficial uniform of Toronto’s shared office workers. But in spaces designed for collaboration, are headphones putting back up the walls that coworking spaces tore down? Many offices have converted into open plans or rent shared office spaces specifically to increase communication. So, what kind of effect does isolating equipment, like headphones, have on engagement and collaboration?…   Read more

9 Tips To Stay Motivated As A Remote Worker

Remote work has exploded over the last decade. As a digitally dominated workplace unchains workers from traditional workspaces, this trend has become the norm. And the growth is increasing exponentially. Back in 2012, 39% of full-time workers worked remotely at least once per week. By 2018, that number rose to 70%. Data Source: CNBC The above stats don’t include self-employed workers or…   Read more

Staying Professional as a Freelancer

There’s a misconception among outsiders that freelancing is only for people who are between jobs or looking for experience. But freelancers know the truth. Yes, there are ups and downs, and all sorts of challenges — but nothing beats being your own boss. Flexible schedules, control of self and personal freedom is a rewarding lifestyle. But too often, clients fail to appreciate…   Read more

The Rise of Luxury Coworking Spaces

For years, coworking spaces have had a reputation for being a no-frills option. They were places where startups, freelancers and sole practitioners could get basic office space and services at an affordable price. But today, the shared-office landscape is evolving. Higher expectations, driven by a shifting corporate culture and a dynamic, discerning workforce, have significantly increased demand for specialized and luxury coworking…   Read more

How To Maximize Privacy In A Coworking Space

Coworking has taken the business world by storm. It’s effective, it’s trendy, and it takes all the best aspects of the new sharing culture. For some, however, all that sharing is a cause for concern. To address those concerns, we’re providing a few easy tips for maximizing your privacy while working in a coworking space. Digital Security Estimates believe that by 2021,…   Read more

Toronto Tech Boom: 2019 Snapshot

Toronto Tech Talent Snags #3 Spot in CBRE’s Ranking Confirming Toronto’s rapid ascension from tech player to tech powerhouse, CBRE’s 2019 Scoring Tech Talent report indicates the city has snagged the number 3 spot in CBRE’s North American Tech Talent Ranking, coming in just behind tech juggernauts San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle. TECH TALENT SCORECARD RANKING, 2019, CBRE RESEARCH The score…   Read more