The Rise of Luxury Coworking Spaces

For years, coworking spaces had an image of being a no-frills operation. They were spaces where startups and freelancers could get the basic services they needed at a price that kept them profitable. But today, the professional landscape of Toronto shared office spaces are changing, and there is a greater demand for luxury coworking spaces.  The new brand of high-end coworking offices…   Read more

How To Maximize Privacy In A Coworking Space

Coworking has taken the business world by storm. It’s effective, it’s trendy, and it takes all the best aspects of the new sharing culture. For some, however, all that sharing is a cause for concern. To address those concerns, we’re providing a few easy tips for maximizing your privacy while working in a coworking space. Digital Security Estimates believe that by 2021,…   Read more

Toronto Tech Boom: 2019 Snapshot

Toronto Tech Talent Snags #3 Spot in CBRE’s Ranking Confirming Toronto’s rapid ascension from tech player to tech powerhouse, CBRE’s 2019 Scoring Tech Talent report indicates the city has snagged the number 3 spot in CBRE’s North American Tech Talent Ranking, coming in just behind tech juggernauts San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle. TECH TALENT SCORECARD RANKING, 2019, CBRE RESEARCH The score…   Read more

Toronto and The Global Liveability Index 2019

According to the just-released Economist Global Liveability Index 2019, Toronto is the seventh most livable city in the world (tied with Tokyo). Out of the 140 cities deemed most-liveable in the world, Toronto is holding steady at the same rank as last year. The highly-regarded Index is produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit — a division of The Economist Group which is…   Read more

Toronto is a Coworking City

While coworking is a worldwide phenomenon, some places are much bigger adopters than others. In recent years, Toronto has established itself as a coworking city. And now, the proof is in- according to a new study, Toronto is now the 3rd fastest growing city for coworking. How Toronto Coworking Stacks Up Globally Toronto is a fast adopter and is often a testing…   Read more

How To Find Meeting Rooms On Demand

Scheduling meetings can be tough when meetings don’t happen according to schedule. Last-minute changes and new opportunities don’t always leave you with a lot of options. Even if your office has meeting rooms, they can fill up fast and last minute schedules can create conflict.  So how can you find a meeting room on demand? Option 1: Coffee Shops Coffee shops are…   Read more

5 Tips for Staying Productive in a Shared Office Space

Shared office spaces have grown from a trend to changing the way companies do business. It increases collaboration and is a great source of creative ideation. But when it comes time for individual work, how do you optimize performance and reduce distractions? Today, we’re giving out simple tips for staying productive in a shared office space. #5.  Ergonomic Office Furnishings In too…   Read more

Three New Toronto Patios You Need to Try

Irrefutable Fact: Canadians love their summers! Undisputed Probability: Nowhere in the country is the season celebrated more passionately than it is in Toronto. Even while tending to business, the city serves as Canada’s leading hub for business, technology, medicine and the arts. Torontonians view the lazy days of summer as a non-negotiable mandate to get outside and make the most of the…   Read more