How To Maximize Privacy In A Coworking Space

Coworking has taken the business world by storm. It’s effective, it’s trendy, and it takes all the best aspects of the new sharing culture. For some, however, all that sharing is a cause for concern.

To address those concerns, we’re providing a few easy tips for maximizing your privacy while working in a coworking space.

Digital Security

Estimates believe that by 2021, cybersecurity will cost business $6 trillion per year in aggregate. And half of all cyber-attacks are against SMBs. For all businesses, whether in a traditional or coworking office, digital security matters.

Password Managers

Companies in coworking spaces are notorious for being at the forefront of industry trends. In theory, this should help keep them abreast of security risks, but it can come with some drawbacks. For one, they tend to sign up for a lot of tools, services, and demos.

Keeping track of all those different passwords and usernames is a lot to keep in your head. So, too often we revert to just using the same combinations over and over. This puts your digital security at risk.  If someone figures out the password once, they can access all your software.

A good solution is to use a password manager. This gives you an easy solution to store your passwords in one secure location. So you can vary up your passwords without fear of forgetting them, or of getting hacked.

Cloud Tools

Cloud software also helps protect your vital information, without compromising efficiency. It gives you a secure platform to store important documents and files that you can access anywhere, on any device.

As well, in the true coworking spirit, the cloud makes it easy to collaborate with your team. It allows you to share access with specific people, allowing them to review, access, or edit files. It’s not only great for coworking privacy, it’s also ideal for productivity.

Privacy At The Desk

Of course, not all privacy concerns live online. Nor are they all security-related. Sometimes, you just want your space to feel a little more like your own.

Privacy Screens

If you have a nosey desk neighbour or simply want to have your space a little more defined, a privacy screen may be your best bet. These screens come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and types. From full cubicle style screens to ones that sit on your desk, just high enough to block your monitor.

There are also less, formal screens you can use. For example, a desk plant can increase your coworking privacy without making it look like you’re trying to keep others out. As well, they add other benefits like filtering air, emitting pleasant aromas, and inducing calmness.

Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets are another good idea for your personal privacy in a coworking space. Getting one with a lock not only helps you organize your files, but allows you to feel secure when leaving equipment in the office overnight.


Privacy tech doesn’t just protect you online. Many shared office spaces also leverage physical technology for better privacy.

For instance, cloaking technology is becoming increasingly popular for meeting rooms. They place a strip on the glass that prevents outside viewers from reading the screen during presentations. 

This lets your meeting space have big windows, for a more open feel, without sacrificing privacy. As well, it can make any clients or investors you meet with feel more secure.

Private Office Space

You can also rent private office instead of open space in coworking offices. These offices are available for teams or for individuals. They let you enjoy the best of both worlds. You have access to all the amenities and collaboration of an open office, with the privacy of your own space.

This is especially useful for teams that make a lot of phone calls or deal with private or secure information.

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Benefits of Short-Term Office Rentals in Toronto

In major cities like Toronto, the typical office rental is long term. Companies are shoehorned into all-or-nothing commitments. This causes challenges for companies of all shapes and sizes. As a result, more companies are turning to alternative workplaces and coworking offices to take advantage of short-term rentals.

In this article, we take a quick look into the key benefits of short-term office rentals in Toronto:

Lease Length

Major cities are a big draw for businesses. Cities like Toronto offer greater opportunity, more prestige, and proximity to clients and businesses. But with all their benefits, these big cities have one big drawback when companies are looking for space. Long lease times.

The average office lease in large cities is 5-10 years. That’s a long time for companies to commit to. It takes away from the ability to test a market and provides challenges for scaling up or down.

Even more so, long leases can prevent companies from being able to find business space for rent. Companies need to have a strong financial covenant to be able to lease long term. If it puts too much stress on their debt to working capital ratio, they may not be able to operate.

Toronto coworking offices provide short-term and month-to-month office rental agreements. These provide more opportunities to companies that are unable or unwilling to sign 5-10 year leases.

Unsure Growth Plan

Companies that are unsure of their growth plan are generally more comfortable with a shorter lease. The market is hard to predict, so making a longterm growth plan is a challenge. There is a reason companies typically make their marketing and financial plans with quarterly or yearly timelines.

If you have to look as far as 5 to 10 years down the line to create your growth plan, there’s a lot of uncertainty. That’s plenty of time for new opportunities, cultural shifts, and/or disruptive technology to completely change your plan.

For newer companies, long term growth plans are uncertain. So more flexible options, like coworking spaces, are a preferable option. Even enterprise companies are moving to coworking offices.

Short term-office rentals give you the ability to plan your space around your growth plan, instead of the other way around.


Plain and simple, coworking spaces offer access a full suite of office capabilities and comforts at a fraction of the cost. And beyond that, their pricing reflects the current market. Right now, the average cost business space for rent in Toronto is at an all-time high. In long term leases, a company who signs on today is stuck at that high rate for up to a decade.

If the bubble bursts, as predicted, that means anyone with a long term lease is overpaying for their space. Meanwhile, short-term office rentals are more reflective of the market since they are updated more often. As a result, you’re always paying a fair price for your office space.

Office Space Toronto


Short-term office rentals in Toronto keep your business agile. In a coworking office, you can add or remove desks as necessary. That means you can scale up or down rapidly in accordance with your needs. You don’t have to pay for space you don’t use, and there’s no wait to grow.

As well, it gives companies the opportunity to test a market or a location. It can even add flexibility in addition to existing office space. Allowing companies to create satellite offices, hire remote workers, or rent high-quality meeting venues.

As well, people are not limited to one type of office. In a traditional space, you go with cubicles, offices, or open spaces. If there is any desire to change, it takes a massive (time-consuming and expensive) redesign. With coworking spaces, companies can choose between open and private offices, and can easily switch from one to the other.


In some businesses, rapid, temporary growth is sometimes necessary. For example, in any seasonal business, you need more personnel during peak periods of the year. A short-term lease makes this economical.

In a traditional lease, companies need to pay year-round for space they only need at their peak. With short-term office rentals, you can avoid paying for space you don’t need, increasing spaces and services on-demand.

Consider A Short-Term Office Rental in Downtown Toronto

Short-term office rentals, like those found in coworking spaces, adapt to the modern realities of business. To discover more flexible, cost-effective, and forward-thinking business space for rent in Toronto, consider coworking spaces.

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