The Benefits of Renting a Meeting Space in 2021

In a world where the COVID-19 pandemic pushes meetings into an online space, physical meetings take on a whole new role. Owning a meeting space of your own is expensive, and with many workplaces transitioning to online environments, an investment like that might not pay off. The financial benefits to renting a meeting space are obvious, but that’s not where things end: a space rental helps set a strong first impression, guarantees safety from COVID, and can even making things easier for other online attendees. If those sound interesting, you can find them all, and more, as you read on.


Set Yourself Apart!

In-person meetings offer a great first-impression. It doesn’t just prove that you’ve got a professional demeanour, it means you’re confident – you’re not afraid to meet someone face-to-face. You’re a go-getter that wants to go the extra mile to improve your co-workers’ or clients’ experience. If that sounds like you, you’ll find the act of renting a space to be as intuitive as breathing.

A rented space offers a classy, comfortable experience that puts clients in a more positive state of mind. TPC offers up-to-date decor and technology, complete with all the modern presentation tools you could need. And because those clients are happy to be there, they’ll be happy you brought them there – and thus, happy about you, too. If you’re up for a positive interaction, it helps to get a head start.

That point is especially relevant nowadays, when the COVID-19 pandemic has moved work into the online spaces. A physical meeting space helps set you and your business apart, offering everyone a unique, memorable event rather than “just another ZOOM call.”


A Safe, Secure Experience

If your co-workers or clients are worried about COVID-19, they can rest easy knowing that TPC has multiple COVID protection measures in place. You can trust that things are sanitized and clean – everything from the table surface to the individually-wrapped water bottles. Sanitization options (like soap) are also available to our clients, if they so desire.


Productivity is Paramount

Modernized tools aren’t just for show – ensuring that you’re equipped with the latest gear makes for the smoothest possible meeting experience. No need to fumble around with technical details, they’re all set up for you. Here, there’s nothing to stop you from leading the best meeting you can.

And in case you can’t get everyone involved to meet up in one place, conference calls and webcam connections can bring people up to speed. Since the technology for it is already here, it’s easy to get everyone connected. A rental space offers the smoothest possible experience for everyone, even for those who couldn’t make it in.


Fair Cost, Accessible Location

The convenience of a space like this can never be understated – location is more important than you might expect, and owning a space in high-traffic financial districts can be quite expensive. With a rental, both of those issues are taken care of. 

And on the subject of expenses, hotel room rentals are often far pricier and oversized. They’re designed for meeting on a much larger scale, first and foremost. Hotel spaces certainly have their uses, and are great for those ends – but those ends aren’t the same as what our rental spaces offer.


Book A Meeting Room in Toronto

The Professional Centre has plenty of rooms available, with enough options that you can find the space you need – no matter the size.

Working in a space separate from other locations, without distractions, does wonders for productivity. By renting a space, you can ensure that everyone is mentally prepared to have an excellent meeting experience.


Rethinking your organization’s meeting space or workspace? Discover our flexibly designed and fully managed workspace solutions.

How Top-Performing Coworkers Leverage Professional Support Services

Business support services are an underutilized tool in coworking spaces. The most successful businesses are those that make use of all the tools at their disposal. 

We take a look at some of the support services available to coworkers, and how leading companies use them.

How Companies Use Coworking Support Services

Taking advantage of professional support services in coworking spaces can give your business the edge it needs. Some of the most effective uses of these services include:

On-Demand Services

On-demand services make companies more agile. They allow them to be reactive so they can quickly pick up on any opportunities. Whether that’s renting meeting rooms for important meetings or using IT services to make important upgrades, leveraging your on-demand services allows your business to be ready for anything. It also makes it possible to quickly resolve technical problems without increasing the size of your team.

Keeping Businesses Lean

The best way to keep profits high is to keep your costs low. In an effort to keep businesses lean without sacrificing efficiency, smart coworking companies take advantage of business support services.

For services your business doesn’t need on a day-to-day basis, it’s more economical to buy support only as needed. This reduces the time and costs of hiring, onboarding, and training employees. 

As well, using support services in your coworking space means the person helping you has familiarity with your company. This helps to speed up the process and provides more trust and reassurance. 

For example, say you bring on a new employee but aren’t a large enough company to have an HR or payroll person. You can hire professional support services to onboard them. Having the same person providing this service whenever you need it means they know exactly how the process works for your company. As a result, they can streamline it. Which reduces the cost and time it takes to add a new employee on the payroll.

Full Business Capability

One of the great benefits of coworking support services is that they allow any company to have the full capability of larger businesses. It leverages a sharing economy to make professional services available to everyone.

This is ideal for small or new companies, who may not have the capacity or budget to afford the necessary services. Even those using a virtual office are able to upgrade their image and capabilities with tools like a virtual receptionist.

It also makes for ideal satellite offices for enterprise companies. Remote, temporary, or overflow employees in large companies can leverage coworking spaces. In addition to affordable and convenient office space, employees have access to all the tools and amenities they would have in the head office.

Types of Business Support Services

Some of the most in-demand business support services for coworking spaces include:

    • Administrative & Reception: An in-house team of administrative staff provides on-demand services. The include reception duties like personal telephone answering and reception service. As well, tools like word processing, secretarial service, and executive assistance are readily available.


  • Bookkeeping & Banking Service: Payroll, banking, invoice and cash flow management. Standard bookkeeping services are also available.
  • IT: Programming, support, and security services allow you to be proactive in your technical needs. Troubleshooting and network management are also available from an in-house team.
  • Printing Services: It’s an increasingly paperless world, but we still need physical documents for our most important items. You can print, scan, or copy documents using our high-quality devices. As well, our helpful staff can assist or offer services if you don’t have time to print yourself. Secure onsite shredding services are also available.
  • Publishing: All the most important desktop publishing services are readily available: 


    • Copy Editing
    • Proofreading
    • Layout Design
    • Text Formatting

Find Toronto Coworking Space With Professional Support Services

Before renting coworking space, determine what business support services are available. The Professional Centre is a downtown Toronto coworking space in the heart of the coveted Financial District. In addition to professionally designed open and private offices, we have a wide array of professional support service. Book a tour today and discover why leading coworking companies love The Professional Centre.