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The home office is making a comeback and it’s bigger than ever. Once the realm of freelancers and the self-employed, now even the biggest companies have people working from home. Today, 75% of organizations offer flexible working.

Although there are few businesses that have transitioned to entirely work from home workforces, a mix is common. While some staff may work entirely from home, others are given the opportunity to work out of a home office one or more days a week.

Of course, with all the comforts of home come all of the distractions. Although flexible work options contribute positively to productivity, some days working from home can be a challenge. In this article, we take a look at how to upgrade your home office for productivity.

The Space

One of the most important aspects of a home office is designing a productive workspace. For starters, this means specifically dedicating a space as your work area. It doesn’t necessarily have to be its own room (Good news Toronto renters, you don’t need to find a bigger place).

Virtual OfficeSome of the considerations to keep in mind when designing your home office include:

  • Organization: You want to keep it clean and clutter-free.
  • Ergonomics: Keep comfortable and protect your wrists, back, and neck if you’re at a computer all day.
  • Distraction-Free: Some people can work with TV, pets, or video games in the room, some people can’t. Finding out what’s a distraction for you and what isn’t may take some experimentation.
  • Plant life: A few desk plants can liven up the area, clear your mind, and improve air quality. If nothing else, they make for a more comforting, pleasant environment.
  • Sunlight: Bright, natural light makes a big difference in your mood, productivity, and alertness. It’s why all our coworking spaces feature big windows and natural light. If you can, working near a window can really improve your day.


The next step is making sure you have all the right equipment. Monitors, computers, external hard drives. Get everything you need on a day-to-day basis. And don’t forget all the accompanying cables, chargers, and cords. Taking time to prepare your home office from the outset will save you hours of headaches down the line.

As well, consider some of the tools you need access to, even if you don’t need them every day. Printing, scanning, and fax machines may not fall into your daily needs. But it’s having access that matters.

People who work out of our virtual offices have access to printing and other services, as well as options for discounts on office supplies and shipping. It’s a great way to increase the capabilities of your own office without having to rent expensive space.

Professional Face

It’s important to put a professional face on your business. No matter your professional reputation or capabilities, the address on your letterhead matters. Potential clients and partners often see red flags when they see a home address. Signing up for a virtual mailbox is a smart and affordable solution.

You can get a professional Toronto mailing address and phone number. This inspires confidence in your business. You get all the benefits of a prime downtown Toronto office, without the prime downtown Toronto costs.

Beyond first impressions, many people prefer not to use their home address for their business. For instance, we work with a number of lawyers practicing out of their homes. They often opt for a virtual address for privacy as well as for professional appearances.

Get Out

One of the biggest rules of having a home office is that sometimes, you need a change of scenery. Spending day after alone at home can get dull and drive down productivity. Every now and then, you need to get out.

Classic options, like coffee shops, are fine for a couple of hours. But they fall short when it comes to getting real work done. Space is limited, the atmosphere is unpredictable, and you’re at the mercy of public WiFi.

When it’s time to change up the scenery, people with a Toronto virtual office have better options. In addition to a virtual mailbox, users get access to a professional lounge area in Toronto’s Financial District.

Coworking Space

The lounge area is a professional working environment with a kitchen, high-speed internet, and all the coffee you need. It’s not just an ideal place to get work done outside of your home office, it’s also great for networking.

As well, they offer access to professional meeting rooms.

Meeting Room Rentals

Virtual office users have access to priority bookings and discounted rates for meeting room rentals. It’s another great way to impress clients. The modern designs and technology give these rooms a huge appeal. Even large enterprise companies are renting meeting venues from these spaces.

Business Support Services

For any home office, and especially with small teams or one-person businesses, support services are important. They don’t just help sell your professionalism, they increase your capabilities.

Finding on-demand business support services makes your business more agile, without having to hire and train employees, or pay expensive contracting fees.

A virtual mailbox gives access to all sorts of on-demand services. For instance, a virtual receptionist can answer and forward calls. As well, there is a whole slew of on-demand secretarial, payroll, and bookkeeping options.

For whatever support you need, it helps to know you have access to the affordable, readily-available services. It takes more off of your plate, so you can excel at the work you love.

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The Virtues Of A Virtual Office

Toronto Virtual Office

Toronto’s virtual offices are making a real impression. Companies of all sizes, from freelancers to enterprises, are snapping up virtual space. They provide services and benefits that can elevate any company’s productivity and professionalism.

We take a look at Toronto’s evolving business space scene and explore the virtues of virtual offices.

Professional Appearance

One of the most sought after benefits of a virtual office is boosting your professional image. A virtual mailbox gives a business a prestigious downtown address, without the cost of renting physical space.

Having this address on your letterhead improves your credibility and security. Many lawyers, for instance, work out of their own homes. They’ll often choose to use a virtual mailbox instead of their home address.

Best Virtual Mailbox

In addition to adding prestige to their business, this also affords them the security of not listing their residence, making it a great alternative workplace solution for lawyers.

Having a Financial District mailing address isn’t just great for Toronto residents. It also offers opportunities to companies who service Toronto but are headquartered far away. A virtual mailbox allows you to expand your service area while establishing trust. Companies and clients are more confident when they see a nearby address. It shows that you are available and can handle their business needs.

The Financial District has the highest office rental cost in the country, nearly 100% higher than Toronto’s average rent. A virtual office provides this sought-after high-profile address without the price tag.

Toronto Business Space Rental

Many new companies launch without a physical address. For B2C businesses, this can make a company look less trustworthy and reduce sales. A physical address legitimizes your business in the customer’s mind.

Additional Virtual Services

A virtual office offers more than just a mailbox. A range of additional services that increase your business’ versatility and professionalism also exist. It the easiest and fastest way to upgrade your home office.

Taking advantage of on-demand services, like administrative support, keeps your business lean without sacrificing capability. A virtual secretary offers a real person answering your phone calls to promote your professionalism. And our financial support services keep your books in line without the high cost of hiring extra full-time employees.

Some of the additional support services a Toronto virtual office can provide include:

  • Virtual secretary
  • Printing & photocopying
  • On-site shredding
  • IT Service
  • Programming services
  • Payroll
  • Banking & deposits
  • Bookkeeping

As well, virtual office plans in coworking spaces can include access to a number of amenities. These range from printing, photocopying, and high-speed internet, to a place to work and/or meet with clients.

A Place to Go

A virtual office doesn’t just live online. Virtual office packages can also offer physical space. It’s a great alternative to coworking desk rentals if you aren’t in the office often, or don’t need a desk.

At our downtown Toronto coworking spaces, our virtual office users can use the lounge area as much as they need. The lounge is a great place to work, with high-speed internet and plenty of networking opportunities.

It’s a popular option for our virtual tenants who often work from home and need a change of pace. It also gives a professional location for informal interviews and client chats over a coffee. A modern, well-designed space shows people that you’re an agile, up-to-date business that can handle their needs.

Meeting Room for Rent

For more formal or private meetings, meeting room rentals are available. Virtual office users have access to better rates and priority booking for meeting rooms. The fully-equipped meeting rooms add to your professionalism and are sought after, even by large enterprise companies.

As enterprise companies move into Toronto coworking spaces, meeting rooms are one of the most in-demand services. You can have access to the same meeting spaces at great rates.

Rent a Virtual Office in Toronto

Virtual offices are the real deal. Grow your business’ prestige and functionality with an address and amenities in Toronto’s financial core. Contact us today for inquiries or view our malibox and virtual office pricing plans.