Business in Toronto: A City That Works!

Are you thinking of locating a business in Toronto? Consider a few of the many reasons Toronto is seen as an innovative and engaging place to live and work… Toronto is Ranked Among the Very Best What makes a city great? Likely there are as many answers to that question as there are cities…so good to know Toronto is ranked among the…   Read more

Coworking 101

Coworking 101: What To Check Before Renting Coworking Space

Renting coworking space is a great option for any business. These spaces offer greater affordability, capability, design, and agility. They’re quick to scale up as your business grows, and they offer short-term leases. But to get the most out of your coworking space, you need to make sure it’s right for you. To help, we put together this guide on what to…   Read more

Shared Office Rental

Why You Should Consider A Shared Office for Your Side-Hustle

It seems like everyone in Toronto has a side-hustle. From podcasts to passion projects, having your own business is the modern dream. Whether you’re trying to build your own empire or simply earn a few extra bucks, a shared office can help you transform your side-hustle into your primary income. Although enterprise businesses are moving into coworking spaces, shared offices are still…   Read more

How To Get A Virtual Mailbox

How To Get A Virtual Address | Home & Virtual Office Tips

Whether working from home or running an online business, having a physical address can add legitimacy and prestige to your name. Many event, tour, and activity companies try to run on the web alone. But without a physical address for the business, they can have a hard time converting customers. Signing up for a virtual mailing address earns customer trust by showing…   Read more

Monetize your Knowledge as an Online Course Creator

Your Time is Money When your small to medium-sized business is focused on the delivery of a service — be it financial, legal, engineering, consulting or physical therapy — you’re really selling a finite resource that is your time. Because there is a limited number of hours in a day, how can you add more revenue or scale your business without losing…   Read more

Nonprofits and Coworking: A Dynamic Synergy

Coworking has definitely moved into the mainstream with outstanding locations found in many cities globally including Toronto. The now-broad appeal of coworking spaces goes well beyond merely serving as an option for individuals/organizations looking for an affordable place to work. In fact, coworking is actually shaping the way people conduct business and further, positively impacting the level of satisfaction they derive from…   Read more

Meeting Venue Toronto

Client Meeting Checklist

Whether it’s a potential new buyer or progress reporting, it’s common to get nervous before a client meeting. Especially if you’re feeling unprepared. We’re taking stock of the lessons we’ve learned from the thousands of meetings held at our Toronto meeting room rentals and we put them together in a quick, easy-to-follow client meeting checklist: 1. Purpose/Goals The first thing you need…   Read more

Virtual Office

Upgrade A Home Office For Productivity | Virtual Mailbox & Other Tips

The home office is making a comeback and it’s bigger than ever. Once the realm of freelancers and the self-employed, now even the biggest companies have people working from home. Today, 75% of organizations offer flexible working. Although there are few businesses that have transitioned to entirely work from home workforces, a mix is common. While some staff may work entirely from…   Read more

Toronto Virtual Office

The Virtues Of A Virtual Office

Toronto’s virtual offices are making a real impression. Companies of all sizes, from freelancers to enterprises, are snapping up virtual space. They provide services and benefits that can elevate any company’s productivity and professionalism. We take a look at Toronto’s evolving business space scene and explore the virtues of virtual offices. Professional Appearance One of the most sought after benefits of a…   Read more


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