8 Tips for a Better Work-Life Balance

Do you continue to take calls once you’re home from the office? Or check your emails on the weekends? It’s okay – a lot of us do it! But it’s not the healthiest of habits and the pandemic has only made it more of a common experience. With hybrid teams and remote work being the norm, it’s no surprise that we’re finding…   Read more

How COVID-19 Has Changed The Way We Work

It’s been a long year. Remember back in March, when we thought this was all going to be over in a few weeks? Well, 8 months later, it seems like we are finally at a stage of accepting the pandemic’s long-term effects on society. These changes will likely exist for several years, and the landscape of the working world is going to…   Read more

Transitioning to a Hybrid Workforce:

In the year 2020 there is only one thing that we can be certain of, and it is that we cannot be certain of much right now. With the state of the pandemic constantly evolving, our lives have changed many times over the last 7 months, and we have and will continue to adapt. The main lesson we are all learning is…   Read more

How to Navigate Returning to the Office

When COVID-19 first hit and cities issued stay-at-home orders, everyone’s major concern was whether or not they could adjust to a life of isolation. “It will be over soon, right?” was the universal phrase being uttered worldwide across virtual meetings and calls, over the course of March and April.  Now however, months into this new normal, we have all adapted (to varying…   Read more

Present to Post-Pandemic: The Benefits Of Flexible Workspaces

The flexible workspace industry understandably took quite a hit at the start of the pandemic, seeing an instant drop in memberships and events. A survey conducted by CoWorker in March 2020 showed that when the pandemic started, 71.04% of spaces experienced event cancellations, 65.99% saw meeting and conference room cancellations, and 34.68% saw membership cancellations. It also indicated that new tenants were…   Read more

5 Methods To Help You Stay Productive

Simple ways to break the monotony and truly focus. Have you ever looked back at your week and realized you intended to be productive, yet somehow you barely accomplished anything? Everyone, at some point in time, has fallen victim to losses in their productivity. This can happen for many reasons, including illness, stress, or emotional conflict. Unfortunately, when it comes to work,…   Read more

Remote Work May Not Be a Long-term Solution For Your Team

Reasons to consider having a flexible office policy. Working from home has been a common business solution in the advent of COVID-19. When cities were first hit with stay-at-home orders, many companies moved their teams entirely to remote work. This was the fastest solution in the initial stages of the pandemic, when we were so uncertain about how COVID-19 would impact us…   Read more

Leaders’ Advice on How to Navigate a Pandemic

COVID-19 has created a tidal wave of uncertainty and fear around the globe. Businesses are shutting down, people’s work lives are changing, and we are now living with more ambiguity than ever before. There’s no handbook on how to live through a pandemic but we, at The Professional Centre, decided to reach out to leaders and experts to give us guidance on…   Read more

Managing Work-Related Burnout

“Burnout” is a word you have probably heard a lot over the past few months. Living through a global pandemic has thrown us into a world in which loneliness and anxiety are a constant threat. You may be experiencing a mixture of stress, sadness, and fear but know that you are not alone! Our current climate has bred uncertainty and the onset…   Read more

How To Be A Responsible Leader In The Face Of A Pandemic

We look to our leaders to guide us through difficult times in all domains of life, but what happens when those difficult times constitute a global pandemic? There is no guidebook on how to navigate through an international crisis but, after having lived through it for a few months, The Professional Centre has put together some advice for our managers, employers, and…   Read more