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Client Meeting Checklist

Whether it’s a potential new buyer or progress reporting, it’s common to get nervous before a client meeting. Especially if you’re feeling unprepared. We’re taking stock of the lessons we’ve learned from the thousands of meetings held at our Toronto meeting room rentals and we put them together in a quick, easy-to-follow client meeting checklist: 1. Purpose/Goals The first thing you need…   Read more

Virtual Office

Upgrade A Home Office For Productivity | Virtual Mailbox & Other Tips

The home office is making a comeback and it’s bigger than ever. Once the realm of freelancers and the self-employed, now even the biggest companies have people working from home. Today, 75% of organizations offer flexible working. Although there are few businesses that have transitioned to entirely work from home workforces, a mix is common. While some staff may work entirely from…   Read more

Toronto Virtual Office

The Virtues Of A Virtual Office

Toronto’s virtual offices are making a real impression. Companies of all sizes, from freelancers to enterprises, are snapping up virtual space. They provide services and benefits that can elevate any company’s productivity and professionalism. We take a look at Toronto’s evolving business space scene and explore the virtues of virtual offices. Professional Appearance One of the most sought after benefits of a…   Read more

How “Generation Flex” is Powering the Growth of Coworking

  As the worldwide proliferation of coworking spaces continues apace, the key findings from International Workplace Group’s (IWG) 2019 Global Workplace Survey “Welcome to Generation Flex – The Employee Power Shift”, reveals some of the major trends driving growth in the sector. In Toronto, as is being seen globally, coworking is definitely the new normal as flexible workers and more Canadian companies,…   Read more

Meeting Room Rentals

Why Any Company Can Benefit From Renting Meeting Venues

Disney, Microsoft, Amazon, Google: Some of today’s biggest business empires started in garages. Everyone loves the story of humble beginnings leading to undeniable success. But garages don’t inspire confidence in the people new businesses need to impress. And you can bet that’s not where they met with investors & clients. From start-ups with big dreams to enterprises with multiple offices, any company…   Read more

Millennials and Work-Life Balance

In 2018, millennials became the largest generation in the Canadian workforce — comprising 35 percent of the total — thereby solidifying their influence on today’s workplace. As first-generation digital natives, this group came of age as technology transformed from something fixed to an entirely mobile tool. Clearly, the most tech-savvy generation to date, this superior technological proficiency and the ease of connection…   Read more

The Measure of Workplace Wellness

In recent years, the concept of what constitutes the workplace has undergone a fundamental change. This shift is fueled in part by workers’ desire to substantially improve their work-life balance. Many of these workers are very health-conscious and perceive value in movements such as ‘clean eating’ and ‘flextime’. Millennials, in particular, are committed to empowering themselves in their workplace with the goal…   Read more

Coworking Meeting Rooms Versus Hotels: The Better Option For Smaller Meetings

Coworking spaces — with their inherent flexibility and the intrinsic cost savings — are an ideal solution for today’s agile workforce. They have, to a measurable degree, supplanted the traditional office as the workplace of choice. Good to know then that in addition to shared, quality workspaces, many coworking businesses also offer fully-equipped, on-demand meeting spaces. Self-employment is very much a growing…   Read more

2019 Coworking Statistics for Toronto

In relatively short order, coworking has essentially transformed the way people work. By providing choice, flexibility and affordability, it has enabled millions to start their own businesses, grow an existing company or simply work on their own terms. In fact, coworking has fundamentally disrupted the commercial real estate sector globally. Predictably then, in light of Toronto’s historically low downtown office vacancy rate,…   Read more