Why You Should Consider A Shared Office for Your Side-Hustle

Shared Office Rental

It seems like everyone in Toronto has a side-hustle. From podcasts to passion projects, having your own business is the modern dream. Whether you’re trying to build your own empire or simply earn a few extra bucks, a shared office can help you transform your side-hustle into your primary income.

Although enterprise businesses are moving into coworking spaces, shared offices are still home to startups and creatives.

Today, we take a look into some of the benefits of using shared office space for your Toronto-based side-hustle.

High-Quality Space Dedicated to Your Business

For any side business, it’s always tempting to go with the bare bones approach. People often start off working on these projects from home or even after hours. But if you’re serious about transforming your part-time passion into your full-time career, you need to invest in it.

Coffee shops and home offices crowd you with distractions. To really get the most out of the limited time you have to work on your side-hustle, you need a dedicated space. Working from home, it’s easy to get caught up throwing on Netflix, catching up on chores or goofing off.

But when you have an office space you pay for, you place more value on the time spent. It makes it a lot easier to keep your focus on growing your business and getting things done.

As well, the high-quality space gives you access to all the amenities you need for your business. Phones, ergonomic furnishing, high-speed internet and colour printers are just a few of the services available to you. You have access to all the benefits of a full-scale office at a fraction of the cost.


It’s no secret, the rent in this city is out of control. If you’re looking to secure a space in one of Toronto’s most desirable areas, you can expect to pay a premium. Currently, Toronto’s Bay Street area has the country’s highest office space rental rates.

Office Rental Costs Toronto

Shared offices give a budget-friendly alternative. Coworking spaces give you access to the most desirable locations in the city without the insane price tag. Find affordable shared office spaces in Toronto’s financial district.


The availability of these prime downtown locations makes these office spaces more convenient. TTC accessibility means it’s easy to get to if you’re heading to your side-hustle after work. That saves you time, maximizing what you can put into growing your business.

As well, these locations make it easy to meet with customers and partners. The location is close to other key businesses, so it’s convenient for your clients. You can even rent high-quality meeting rooms at preferred rates.


Shared office space is a quick and affordable way to boost the professional appearance of your business. The prime location, top quality service, and professionally designed meeting rooms legitimize your business.


Networking is one of the great benefits of coworking. You gain exposure to a variety of other businesses and services. This gives you ample opportunity to collaborate or draw on the experience of others. As well, this is a good chance to meet new potential clients.

Rent Shared Office Space in Toronto

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